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Chief Enforcer

In the dark and shadowy corners of the underworld, far from the prying eyes of of the militia, criminal guilds thrive. But someone has to reinforce these hierarchies, and those with authority inspire loyalty and fear alike.

Level 3Place of Business

When you choose this archetype at 3rd level, designate a single town or city as your area of influence. While within this settlement, you gain an expertise die for each ally within your Commanding Presence when making Deception, Intimidation, or Insight checks, to a maximum of 1d10. At the Narrator’s discretion, this bonus may apply to other checks, such as Prestige checks or the Gather Information downtime activity.

You may designate a different town or city after spending at least one week integrating yourself into the local crime scene.

Level 7Get 'Em!

At 7th level, you can spend 2 exertion and use your action to direct your allies. A number of willing allies up to your Charisma modifier within range of your Commanding Presence can immediately move their Speed towards an enemy you designate. If the enemy is in range at the end of this movement, your allies can also use a basic maneuver (their choice) against it. Once you have used this feature, you can’t use it again until you have taken a short or long rest .

11th LevelAn Offer They Can't Refuse

At 11th level your suggestions contain enough of a hint of menace that those you interact with usually go along with what you say. As an action you can cast the suggestion spell; you only need vocal components for this spell, which take the form of your normal speech. Once you have used this feature, you can’t use it again until you have fished a short or long rest .

Level 15Do You Know Who I Am?

At 15th level your reputation has spread far and wide. You can use your Place of Business feature in any settlement.

Additionally, when using your An Offer They Can’t Refuse feature, you may choose to instead cast mass suggestion with the same components.

18th LevelI Smell a Rat

At 18th level, your insight into people and their motivations is incredibly accurate. When you succeed on a contested Insight check, if the opposing creature’s Charisma score is equal to or less than your maneuver DC, for the next hour you do not need to make any further checks to recognize whenever that creature is lying, telling the truth, or excluding information.

Additionally, if you succeed on a saving throw against becoming charmed or confused , you may use your reaction to spend 1 exertion per ally within your Commanding Presence (to a maximum equal to your Charisma modifier) to allow the chosen allies to add your Charisma modifier to either the saving throw or on their next attack roll against the source of the effect (chosen for each ally). This feature can be used after the ally rolls the saving throw, but before the outcome is known. Once you have spent exertion equal to twice your Charisma modifier on this feature, you can’t use it again until you have finished a long rest .