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Skilled at solving problems through unconventional means, contrivers look at the world as a puzzle to solve with whatever materials come to hand. A contriver could be an engineer, inventor, or member of a paramilitary group.

Level 3Bonus Expertise

When you choose this archetype at 3rd level, you gain proficiency with Engineering and your choice of a sewing kit, smith’s kit, thieves’ tools or any one artisan’s tool kit, and you gain an expertise die on checks made with either. For you, expertise dice in Engineering and the chosen tool kit can be upgraded from d8 to d10, exceeding the usual limit on expertise dice. You also gain proficiency with improvised weapons.

Level 3Contrivance

Also at 3rd level, you gain limited access to the artificer’s Infusion ability (see Artificer ). Your use of the Infusion ability is identical to that of an artificer, except where specified here. You gain schematics for two common rarity magic items of your choice but do not need to record them in a schematic book. You may choose to unlearn one schematic and replace it with another after you gain a rogue level, though you must still fulfill the requirements of creating a new schematic. This choice does not need to be made immediately after gaining the new rogue level.

You may spend an action to infuse an item with a schematic that you know. You can perform 2 infusions and regain all uses after a short or long rest . When you take a short or long rest, all of your current infusions end.

9th LevelKitbasher

Beginning at 9th level,with the help of your arcane abilities and some careful reshaping, you can turn any set of artisan’s tools or miscellaneous tool kit into a different set of artisan’s tools or miscellaneous tool kit of equal or lesser value (subject to Narrator approval) with 5 minutes of work. This ability does not grant you proficiency with the new tools. However, the tools briefly respond to your matching magical signature, and you gain an expertise die the first time you use them, after which it becomes a mundane tool of its kind.

Creatures other than you suffer disadvantage when using kitbashed tools and do not benefit from the expertise die, even if you later return the tool kit to its original form. Once you have used this feature a number of times equal to your proficiency modifier, you cannot do so again until you have finished a long rest .

Level 13Quick Thinker

At 13th level, you can take the Use an Object action for free once per turn without using an action or your Cunning Action. Once you have used this feature a number of times equal to your Intelligence modifier, you cannot do so again until you finish a long or short rest .

17th LevelLasting Care

At 17th level, if you have access to one of your contrived items during a short or a long rest , you may maintain that contrivance. This does not require a use of your infusion ability, but only one contrived item may be maintained in this way at a time.