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Lore Weaver

From bawdy tavern stories to epic poetry, art is frequently used to preserve the past and present of different peoples and cultures. The lore weaver, however, is less concerned about what stories can tell them about the past and more focused on what they say about the future. Drawing on the structure of countless stories, a lore weaver can twist fate towards their preferred narrative.

3rd LevelBonus Proficiencies and Specialties

When you select this archetype at 3rd level, you gain proficiency with Culture and History. If you are already proficient with either skill, you instead gain an expertise die . In addition, you gain additional specialties equal to your proficiency bonus, and you gain another specialty whenever your proficiency bonus increases. These bonus specialties must be in Culture or History.

3rd LevelForeshadow

Also at 3rd level, you can wield your knowledge of narrative as an action to create a quasiprophecy of imminent success. Choose one creature who can benefit from your Bardic Inspiration and spend two uses. Then, narrate a single action that creature could take the following turn. For example, “Lauss will jump across the gorge” or “Vitani will strike her foe.”

If the creature attempts that action before the end of your next turn, it can add an additional Bardic Inspiration die to the roll. If it cannot attempt this action or chooses not to, it is affected by your Bardic Inspiration as normal.

3rd LevelPlot Twist

Starting at 6th level, when a creature you have granted Bardic Inspiration to fails an attack roll , ability check , or saving throw , you can spend your reaction to declare that isn’t how the story goes and allow it to roll again, including your Bardic Inspiration die, taking the higher result. This reroll spends the Bardic Inspiration die, even if the creature did not spend it on the first roll. Once you have used this feature a number of times equal to your proficiency bonus, you cannot do so again until you finish a long rest .

14th LevelFeed the Muse

Starting 14th level, when you spend your last Bardic Inspiration you can spend a spell slot of a level no higher than your Charisma bonus as a free action to help drive the story. You regain a number of uses of Bardic Inspiration equal to half the spell slot spent (rounded up). Spending higher-level spells in this way only yields a number of uses equal to half your Charisma bonus (rounded up).