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There are many in the world who fight terrible evils to protect others. They battle back the clutching hand of death for another day, then enjoy a well-earned, peaceful retirement. For the Slayer, however, these battles are their calling—whether they like it or not. Such people may be fated to battle a powerful being and their minions, a specific kind of monster, like werewolves, or an entire category of creature, such as the undead. Consult with the Narrator to come up with a foe suitable to the setting and campaign.

Source of Inspiration: War of Attrition. You gain Inspiration whenever you strike a blow against an especially powerful creature related to your destiny (but not necessarily your specific destined foe).

Force the powerful enemy’s retreat, obtain an item important to their defeat, gain a significant insight into their location or intentions, defeat one of their trusted lieutenants.

Inspiration Feature: Slayer’s Gift.  Fighting the creatures of darkness hones both your mental and physical prowess. After you roll an ability check , attack roll , or saving throw but before you know the outcome, you may spend your inspiration to add a +5 bonus to that roll.

Fulfilling Your Destiny

You fulfill your destiny as a Slayer when you defeat a specific and powerful creature connected to your fate.

Destroy Vashika, Queen of the Vampires, thwart the aboleth Birgamoz’s terrible plans of domination, imprison the Dread Knight Maza Dunn.

Fulfillment Feature: Eyes of the Slayer. You have stared the darkness in the eye and now few can meet your gaze. While you are not incapacitated , you can use a bonus action to fix any hostile creature within 20 feet of you with an unsettling look, seeming to stare into its very soul. The creature makes a Wisdom saving throw with a DC equal to your passive Intimidation score. On a failure, it is frightened until the end of its next turn. On a success, it is immune to this ability for 24 hours.

Table: Slayer Destiny

d6 Motivation

1 Live a Normal Life: You don’t wish to be a Slayer, but are forced by circumstance.

2 Lost a Loved One: Someone you cared for deeply was slain by your destined foe.

3 Former Ally: Someone you cared for has turned against you, and it’s up to you to stop them.

4 Guardian: You embrace your destiny to protect as many people as possible.

5 Tragic Hero: You took the role of Slayer because you do not value your life.

6 Accidental Champion: You keep finding these enemies when you’re not looking for them.