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Submitted by tyleroi on Fri, 02/02/2024 - 14:23

Gate Pass Gazette Issue #20 Added

We have added the content from Gate Pass Gazette Issue #20 (from October 2023). Discover the terror of the Harrowing Haunts, meat the Monarch of Misery, fend of Perverse Contamination, study at the Labyrinthine Library, or take the final step and become a little Extra Witchy.

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Harrowing Haunts

Spectral residue can manifest in numerous twisted distortions of reality, often twisting and distorting the people around it in the process. The following haunts are hazards and challenges that adventurers might face while delving into haunted lands tainted by death.

Monarch of Misery

Waiting for the holiday of Rivengate, when the Bleak Gate and the Material Plane are closest, the Gourd Empress slowly rises in power throughout the harvest month as her squashlings prepare a royal welcome for her in Elissar. Those who do not sufficiently aid them see her in the most terrible glory, enraged as she fully emerges, eager to wreak havoc and mayhem upon those who failed to show her due reverence. Narrators who wish to explore Elissar further should consult and the To Save a Kingdom adventure path.

Perverse Contamination

Corruption is often an intangible thing, manifesting as the slow decay of one’s morals in the name of fame, fortune, and power. But in dismal, forgotten places, corruption manifests as something far more tangible—and awful. It is an evil so raw that it blights everything it touches, from single items to the very lands themselves, creating an environment that warps not only one’s mind but their body as well. Like a lingering disease, it eats away at even the most stalwart of adventurers, presenting as madness and, if allowed to continue unabated, mutation. And unlike normal maladies and curses, simple spellcasting is not enough to dissipate it; only ritualistic purification may save one from corruption’s destructive touch.

The Labyrinthine Library

Somewhere between the Astral Sea and the Ethereal, its boarders somehow touching countless planes around it, exists the Labyrinthe Library. A strange, twisting demiplane, the Library is so ancient even many gods do not remember a time before it and so vast as to house its own population of native creatures, humanoids included. This article details but some of the aspects of the endless stacks, including the native Lexican culture and the mysterious organization known as The Silence, itself a common source of the Keeper background.

Extra Witchy

Familiars are great, and so are ensorcelled swords, and magic tomes can make any warlock grin with every rotten tooth, but some just want a cauldron to help them make a brew or to stare into the murky future. Others consider themselves more magicians than practitioners of darkness, relying on smoky obfuscation to delight or distract. This article details two new pacts that, with your Narrator’s approval, are new options for the warlock’s Pact Boon class feature, as well as several new eldritch invocations to help you get the most out of your pact.