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Third Party Products


Powered By LogoThis is a list of products created for Level Up under the Level Up Compatibility Logo License.

These products are not created by or sold by EN Publishing, and are listed here merely as a helpful reference.

NOTE! DriveThruRPG has a category page for Level Up: A5E where you can find all the official and third party products sold on that platform in one place.

Also see the free fan resources page hosted at EN World for more Level Up material for your games, including useful tools, reference sheets, spreadsheets, and more!

Want to be listed here? Be sure to let us know about your product (or we won't know!) and make use of the Level Up Compatibility Logo License!

Ace's Adventuring Guides

Anthony Alipio


DM Sarah

Homebrew and Hacking


Crafting Series


Game Aids

Battle Ready Pre-gens

Ready Made Heritages

Heritages and Feats

Josh Gentry

Legendary Games

Plant Witch Press

  • Paradigms of Skill: Expanded Skill Criticals (24 page PDF). Ever rolled a natural 20 or a natural 1 on an ability check and wished you got something a little extra for your great (or sometimes bad) luck? Then look no further! Includes a set of tables for 19 of the 20 skills for critical successes and critical failures.
  • Toil and Trouble: The Kitchen Witch Archetype & Hearth Magic for Every Witch (15 page PDF). Includes the Kitchen Witch archetype, the new hearth school of magic with 20 new spells, and 9 magic items to bring the magic and whimsy of the hearth to characters whether they are witches or not.

Purple Martin Games

Manual of Adventurous Resources

Thematic Tookits


  • Confidence Mage (2 page PDF). Wizard archetype.
  • Arcane Sniper (12 page PDF). New archetype plus multiclass spells.
  • Mortalist (7 page PDF). Warlock archetype, plus a new spell and magic weapon.
  • Fiery Justice (8 page PDF). Two new archetypes for berserkers and heralds.
  • Field Engineer (8 page PDF). New artificer archetype, plus reprint of Viper's Fangs tradition from Thematic Toolkit: Venomous Shadow.
  • Sinuous Sentinels (26 page PDF). New heritage, three new cultures, three new backgrounds, new destiny, a new archetype, a new combat tradition, a new synergy feat chain, and a pile of other things besides!
  • Spells from the Forgotten Vault (84 page PDF). New capabilities for adventurers or dastardly new tricks for villains are always handy, and in these pages, you will find over 100 new spells, including Edicts, Marks, and much more!
  • Spiritualist (5 page PDF). A warlock archetype that can talk to ghosts.
  • System Architecture: Motif Classes (40 page PDF). 7 new classes plus the Arcane Artillery combat tradition.
  • Utility Spells Redux (6 page PDF). An update of some utility spells the author originally created for The Gate Pass Gazette and make them available for other designers to use. It includes updated versions of the spells Beautify Creature, Chef's Palate, Convenient Retrieval, Fertile Field, Housekeeping, Instant Window, Laundry Day, and Map Marker, plus one new utility spell: Phantom Transcriptionist.


The Rogue's Collection

  • A Beginner's Guide to Enchanting (5 page PDF). Rules for enchanting items.
  • Primal Sorcery (7 page PDF). 4 elemental-themed sorcerer archetypes.
  • Legends of Strength (6 page PDF). 3 berserker archetypes.
  • Plaguebringer - A Sorcerer Archetype (20 page PDF). Sorcerer archetype. [no longer available]
  • The Disciple (20 page PDF; free). A new 'mystical martial' class. [no longer available]
  • Twists of Fate (6 page PDF). 6 new destinies. [no longer available]
  • Stories Untold (10 page PDF). 20 new backgrounds. [no longer available]
  • Assets for Hire (1 page PDF; free). 5 new follower types. [no longer available]

Roll Them Bones Gaming

  • Heroes Old and New (27 page PDF). 14 new archetypes for existing classes, plus the new scholar class with 4 archetypes.
  • Mysterious and Marvelous Miscellanea (36 page PDF). New witch class, 13 archetypes, 4 synergy feat chains, and new spells.
  • Extra Credit and Deeper Mysteries (33 page PDF). 5 new archetypes for the Scholar and Witch Classes (previously published in Heroes Old and New), 24 new synergy feat chains, guidelines for the time required to build and upgrade strongholds, an alternate set of rules for firearms, and an expansion to the Witch spell list.

Samurai sheepdog

  • Like A Boss - A Book of Boss Encounters (100 page PDF). Boss-level encounters for a wide variety of gaming systems including Level Up (proceeds for this book go towards Owen KC Stephens medical bills).

Speaks & Spells Publishing

  • The Arcane Exterminator (9 page PDF). A new 'ghostbusting' artificer archetype, plus 9 magic items.
  • Secrets of the Selkies (29 page PDF). An in-depth look into the world of the selkies: creatures from Scottish mythology most notable for their ability to change themselves into seals at will including a new heritage, new creature stat blocks, 2 new feats, 4 new cultures, a new destiny, and eight new archetypes.


Storytelling Collective

  • Chrono Slip Primer (57 page PDF). A unique setting/system for a world where time repeats in endless cycles.

Wolfworks Press