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The free adventures below can be run directly from this rules site.

Memories of Holdenshire (1st-3rd level)

When the adventurers awake in the catacombs below Northminster, they must unravel a mystery and escape the law! After frantic wagon chases, a wilderness journey, friendly hags, and a village fair, can they recover their memories of Holdenshire? 

A starter adventure for 1st-level characters, this book gently introduces some of Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition's new rules. By Andrew Engelbrite, Sen. H.H.S, and Savannah Broadway.

Also available in softcover and PDF.


After the accidental death of a bear cub, Fanghort the Druid went into the forest to make amends. Now, the foresters are under organized attack from woodland creatures— and all of them talk. By Jeff Gomez.

The Business of Emotion (2nd-3rd level)

This is an adventure for 3-5 characters of levels 2-3. The village of Lanidor is suffering from an enchanted "summer of love". Can the PCs figure out what's going on? By Paul Oklesh.

The Haunting of Calrow Ruins (3rd level)

Gibberlings infest Calrow Ruins. When the mists blow in off the shores of Lach Gwyren, snaking through crumbling arches and shattered barbicans, the gibberlings’ terrible wailing can be heard for miles. These leering, furry abominations are spawned from captives by an ancient brood mother lurking beneath the ruins. Once imprisoned in a magic tapestry deep within the keep, the brood mother is close to finally escaping thanks to the meddling of a vengeful lady-inwaiting. Amidst a noble feud to reclaim the ruins, the characters are faced with solving the mystery of the gibberlings. By Aaron Infante-Levy.

Presents for Goblins (3rd-5th level)

In this festive adventure the PCs must recover Revelleschafter's seasonal gifts from the goblins who raided the town on the eve of All's Giving Day.  Fun as a one-shot or as part of an ongoing camapign, the module includes four new goblin types (a nilbog , a yobbo , and the goblin king ) and a random table for goblin poison effects. By Kiel Chenier.