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Sand-choked shrines to ancient gods, abandoned abbeys, and cultists’ crypts are built as places of worship and havens for the faithful, but are also designed to guard against profane intruders. A temple usually contains barracks, living areas, and well-defended sacred spaces.

Tiers. Temples range from catacombs at tier 0 to vast, underground cathedrals at higher tiers, with tiers 0 to 2 being the most common.

Temple Size. Each 50-foot-square node of a temple contains either a room or passage. A small temple is about 150 feet square (a 3 × 3 grid of nodes); a medium one is 250 feet square (a 5 × 5 grid); and a large one is 350 feet square (a 7 × 7 grid).

Signs of Faith. Adventurers clad in appropriate robes or holy symbols make Deception checks with advantage when trying to masquerade as inhabitants of the temple

Creating a Temple

To generate a new map, roll on the Description table for the initial area and follow its instructions, and then do so again to see what’s past each exit, and so on. If you’re filling a premade map, roll on Inhabitants and Contents for each location.

Temple: Description

1 - 2

Narrow passage. Roll on Passage Contents and Exits. For passage width, roll 1d6:

1 - 2 2 1/2 ft.
3 - 6 5 ft.

2 - 7

Passage. 10 feet wide. Roll on Passage Contents and Exits.

8 Wide passage. Roll on Passage Contents and Exits. For passage width, roll 1d4:
1 15 ft.
2 - 3 20 ft.
4 30 ft.
9 - 14

Small room. Roll on Room and Chamber Contents and Exits. For room size, roll 1d4:


15 x 15 ft.


15 x 20 ft.


20 x 20 ft.

4 20 x 30 ft.
15 - 20

Large chamber. Roll on Room and Chamber Contents and Exits. For chamber size, roll 1d6:


30 x 30 ft.


30 x 40 ft.

3 - 4

40 x 40 ft.


40 x 50 ft.


50 x 50 ft.


Temple: Passage Contents

1 - 10


11 - 14

Roll on Passage Scenery

15 - 18

Roll on Escalations

19 - 20

Roll on Obstacles


Temple: Room and Chamber Contents

Roll 1d20 in small room, 1d20 + 2 in large chamber.

1 - 3


4 - 8

Roll on Small Room Scenery or Large Chamber Scenery

9 - 11

Roll on Novelties

12 - 14

Roll on Obstacles

15 - 16

Roll on Discoveries

17 - 19

Roll on Escalations and on Small Room Scenery or Large Chamber Scenery


Roll on Set Pieces


Temple: Exits

If the die roll is odd, a room’s exits are blocked by doors. Otherwise, they are open.

1 - 3

No Exits

4 - 5

One exit left

6 - 7

One exit straight

8 - 9

One exit right

10 - 11

Two exits, left and right

12 - 13

Two exits, left and straight

14 - 15

Two exits, straight and right

16 - 18

Three exits, left, straight, and right

19 - 20 Stairs. Roll 1d8 to determine stair type. Then roll again on this table for other exits.
1 - 2

Stone stairs down


Stone spiral staircase down


Trapdoor down (50 percent chance concealed under rug or furniture)


Round pit with metal ladder rungs, descending 1d4 levels


Stone spiral staircase up


Temple: Novelties


Huge, unlocked door made of semiprecious stone. The door’s etchings illustrate the mythical creation or destruction of the world


A vaulted, echoing chamber filled with 10-foottall statues. The statues sing beautiful liturgical music


This room’s ceiling is radiant with a permanent sunlight spell. The ground is covered with grass and flowers. A tree grows in the middle of the room


Altar on an island rising from a lake of magma


Massive wall or cliff face pierced with sleeping cells. Ladders provide access to each cell


A giant-sized throne, empty or supporting a Gargantuan inanimate skeleton


Ritual room with a floor etched with an arcane circle; flaming skeletons hang from the ceiling like chandeliers


Nave of a cathedral decorated with animated stained glass windows or tapestries


An immense sword is planted into the floor and can’t be removed. It radiates divination magic. A creature that touches the sword gains the benefits of a detect evil and good spell for 10 minutes


Morgue containing six stone slabs, each of which supports an apparently fresh corpse. A magic field encompasses the room; any corpse in the room gains the benefit of gentle repose, and it can answer three questions per day as if targeted by a speak with dead spell


A font or fountain fills with 5 gallons of water or holy water when touched


A cloud of illusory butterflies, moths, or tiny angels fills the area, limiting visibility to 10 feet


Temple: Obstacles


Lock: An animated statue or stone guardian stands in front of a door, attacking anyone who tries to pass.

Key: A clay figurine with the word “stag” carved into its chest. Speaking this password deactivates the guardian


Lock: Arcane locked door, above which is written “Passage is denied to unbelievers.” The passphrase “Only the divine name opens the gates” causes the door to open.

Key: A holy book on a lectern, with a bookmark at the passage “Passage is denied to unbelievers. Only the divine name opens the gates


Lock: A permanent wall of fire covers an archway of green stone.

Key: A chest containing 10 pendants of green stone, each depicting a figure walking through fire. Anyone wearing a pendant can walk through the wall of fire unharmed


Lock: A magically sealed white door. Anyone who can’t see the door can open it.

Key: A tapestry shows a blindfolded person opening a white door


Doorways to the left and right; one door is blocked by a portcullis. A lever beyond the open door lowers one portcullis and raises the other

6 - 7

Tapestry depicts the gates to a divine or fiendish domain. Concealed behind the tapestry is a door. (Examination or DC 15 Perception check: a draft ruffles the tapestry)

8 - 9

An unlit fireplace flanked by two wall-mounted candelabras. (Examination or DC 15 Perception check: One of the candelabras is shinier as if frequently touched. Pulling the candelabra opens a secret door)


Door inscribed with the words “The Door of Night.” It unlocks in total darkness and locks when in light


Before crossing a certain threshold, unbelievers must make a Wisdom saving throw (DC 10 + half dungeon level) or become frightened. Frightened creatures who proceed take 2 (1d4) psychic damage per dungeon level


Creatures must make a Deception or Religion check (DC 10 + half dungeon level) to recite a prayer before entering the area. A creature that fails to recite the proper prayer suffers 1 level of strife

13 - 20

Trap based on the dungeon level: level 1–2 commanding voice trap or intoxicating brazier trap; 3–4 cursed altar or sacred flame gem trap ; 5–10 bright mirror trap or sword guardian trap ; 11–16 contagion trap or geas trap ; 17–20 forbidden tome or guilty soul trap


Temple: Discoveries

1 - 4

Roll 1d4 on the Obstacles table. You find the key listed in that entry. Make a note of the matching lock. The next Obstacle encountered is that lock


Lone creature from a guard patrol (1 or 2 on Escalations table), not particularly loyal and willing to talk


Guard patrol (1 or 2 on Escalations table) controlled by a heretical faction that seeks to overthrow the temple’s leader. From now on, 50 percent of Escalations are with the heretical faction


Guard patrol (1 or 2 on Escalations table) loyal to a paranoid leader trying to root out heretics. From now on, 50 percent of Escalations are with the heretical faction


Acolyte washing the floor; trusting and helpful


A dusty armory contains a locked and trapped chest. Inside is a +1 weapon that deals +2d6 radiant damage to creatures that worship the temple’s deity


Behind a sliding wall (DC 12 Perception check) is an abandoned chapel to another god. It contains a Minor Treasure and can be used as a haven until enemies discover it


A comfortable lounge with furniture and bookcases on the floor, walls, and ceiling. Gravity in this room is relative: anyone can effortlessly walk up the wall and across the ceiling. 50 percent chance of a Minor Treasure in an end-table drawer on the ceiling


Locked treasure vault containing chests of coins and holy items (one Treasure Hoard and one Minor Treasure)


Temple: Escalations

50 percent of guards possess a Minor Treasure.


Guards: may attack intruders unless they’re wearing the proper robes or holy symbols

Level 1–2: acolyte with 1d4 zombies

Level 3–4: 3 or 4 soldiers or [[scout

Level 5–10: blackguard with guard squad ; 2 priests with 1d6 scouts

Level 11–16: priest with 3 shadow demons

Level 17–20: mage with 2 invisible stalkers


Guards: may attack intruders who don’t speak the right password

Level 1–2: 1d8 cultists or guards

Level 3–4: priest with 1d4 acolytes

Level 5–10: bone devil or ogre mage

Level 11–16: 3 or 4 clockwork sentinels or veterans

Level 17–20: knight captain with guard squad ; mage with shield guardian and earth elemental


Denizens: a faction that predates and is hostile to the local overlord (roll or choose from Set Pieces)

Level 1–2: 1d4 acolytes or skeletons

Level 3–4: cult fanatic with 1d8 cultists

Level 5–10: 2 or 3 mummies , skeletal champions , or walking statues

Level 11–16: ascetic grandmaster , vampire , or vampire assassin

Level 17–20: 2 bone devils or cyclops myrmidons


Guards: patrolling

Level 1–2: 1d4 guards or flying swords

Level 3–4: acolyte with 1d8 zombies

Level 5–10: 2 or 3 hell hounds or horde demons

Level 11–16: 4 or 5 wights or zombie knights

Level 17–20: adult black dragon lich ; demilich


Guardians: protecting a sacred space

Level 1–2: 1 or 2 death dogs or spies

Level 3–4: ghost or mummy

Level 5–10: hydra

Level 11–16: 4 elementals (one per element)

Level 17–20: stone guardian with 3 walking statues ; solar

6 Guardians: lurking

Level 1–2: animated armor or ghast

Level 3–4: 2 gargoyles

Level 5–10: 2 or 3 mummies

Level 11–16: crusher with flame-spitting statue ; 2 invisible stalkers

Level 17–20: 2 chain devils or erinyes

7 - 10

Roll 1d6 on this table to determine an encounter group. The group is nearby (in the nearest unexplored room) and may be detected by tracks, noises, flickering torchlight, or other signs


Temple: Set Pieces

Set piece encounters usually feature a Treasure Hoard.

1 - 2

Return of the Kings. Freed after a long imprisonment, immortal monsters prepare to venture forth and restore their ancient empire or religion. They need knowledgeable advisors—or captives—who can inform them about the state of the modern world.

Level 1–2: priest with 1d4 skeletons

Level 3–4: priest with 1 or 2 zombie knights ; 2 lamias

Level 5–10: deva or forgotten god with 2 high priests

Level 11–16: mummy lord with 3 or 4 mummies

Level 17–20: dread knight champion with 3 or 4 skeletal champions ; balor with 2 priests and 4 veterans

Setting: Throne room decorated with tapestries. Behind one tapestry is a permanent gate leading to another plane.

3 - 4

Secret Society. The leaders of this shrine are dedicated to hiding secret knowledge, prophecies, or an artifact from the outside world. They fight anyone who reaches their inner sanctum.

Level 1–2: priest with 1 or 2 acolytes

Level 3–4: priest with nightmare or walking statue

Level 5–10: guardian naga with 1 to 3 basilisks

Level 11–16: archpriest with clay guardian ; 2 planetars

Level 17–20: greater sphinx with 2 sphinxes or stone guardians ; lich with 6 hell hounds

Setting: The floor’s tiles represent a labyrinth. Whenever a creature first walks on its turn, it can make an Intelligence check. The result is the number of feet it can move on its turn without stepping over a line. The first time on its turn that a creature steps over a line, it takes psychic damage equal to the dungeon’s level. The room’s inhabitants are immune to this damage.

5 - 6

Holy Terror. The leaders of this cult are preparing a ritual to loose an extraplanar being into the world or summon a powerful undead creature. Their plans are on the verge of completion.

Level 1–2: cult fanatic with 1 or 2 cultists

Level 3–4: priest with cambion or malcubus

Level 5–10: high priest with 1d4 mummies or skeletal champions ; 3 cambions with 1d6 + 3 thugs

Level 11–16: archpriest with chained one and 1d8 cultists ; archmage with 4 knights and 2d8 cultists

Level 17–20: archpriest or planetar with solar and 5 or 6 priests

Setting: A 20-foot-diameter portal is forming on the far side of the room. It is an object with AC 10, 20 × the dungeon’s level hit points, and immunity to bludgeoning, piercing, slashing, psychic, and poison damage. If the portal is destroyed, the ritual is ruined. Ladders lead to a balcony around the room.

7 - 8 The characters gain an audience with a powerful being in service to the temple’s god, such as an archpriest or solar. The being offers them a choice of two magic treasures, one holy, one cursed. Characters can use their knowledge of religion and clues from the temple’s artwork and statuary to determine which is the holy item.
9 - 10 Characters who immerse themselves in a magical pool gain a vision of the past that illuminates the present.


Temple: Minor Treasure


1 - 2

Book of prayers or forbidden lore containing a rare version of a spell from the cleric or warlock spell list (such as Sebirus’s Imprisoning Skeletal Hands (DDG)

3 - 4

Spell scroll containing a spell from the cleric list appropriate to the area’s tier (tier 0: cantrip or level 1 spell, tier 1: level 2–3 spell, tier 2: level 4–5 spell, tier 3: level 6–7, tier 4: level 8–9)


Jeweled holy symbol, gem, or bag of coins worth an amount appropriate to the tier (tier 0: 10 gp, tier 1: 100 gp, tier 2: 1,000 gp, tier 3: 10,000 gp, tier 4: 100,000 gp)


Holy symbol, garment, or weapon that once belonged to a holy person. Acts as a single bead of necklace of prayer beads


1d6 vials. Roll 1d6: 1–2 holy water, 3–4 potions of healing , 5–6 potions of greater healing


Heretical documents that portray the faith in a startling new light or reveal corruption within its ranks


Holy book that reveals a cosmic secret (such as a previously unknown familial or romantic relationship between a good and evil god)


Sentient item, such as a skeletal hand, a +1 weapon, or a holy symbol. It has Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma scores of 10 + 1d6, can communicate telepathically with a creature touching it, and has a goal it wishes to fulfill


Temple: Treasure Hoards

Dungeon Level 1–2

Valuables: 1d4 × 100 gp in jewelry, rare silks, or bulky tapestries

Magic (30 percent chance): pearl of power or periapt of health

Dungeon Level 3–4

Valuables: 24 × 100 gp in gold coins, gilded artworks,
or precious metal idols

Magic (40 percent chance): bowl of commanding water elementals or staff of the python

Dungeon Level 5–10

Valuables: 1d6 × 1,000 gp in gold coins, rare books worth 1,000 gp each, or gold tableware

Magic (50 percent chance): magic mirror (handheld) or necklace of prayer beads

Dungeon Level 11–16

Valuables: 1d4 × 10,000 gp in platinum coins, holy relics, or jewelry

Magic (60 percent chance): amulet of health or mace of smiting

Dungeon Level 17–20

Valuables: 1d4 × 100,000 gp in platinum coins,
gems, gold idols, or jeweled holy relics

Magic (70 percent chance): crystal ball or talisman of
pure good


Temple: Passage Scenery


A fresco, mosaic, or tapestry depicting a god, ritual, myth, holy symbol, or sacrifice


Lit braziers


Statues or busts depicting gods or holy champions


Niches in the wall contain statuettes or candles (50 percent chance of a Minor Treasure)


Lectern bearing a holy book (50 percent chance of a Minor Treasure)


Stone slabs set into the floor each bear a name and dates. The slabs are the lids of underground sarcophagi


Wet, scrubbed floor; nearby are buckets of water


Wall-mounted shields, each etched or painted with a holy symbol


Temple: Small Room Scenery


1 - 2

Cabinets stocked with vestments, ritual books, candles, incense, and holy symbols (50 percent chance of a Minor Treasure)

3 - 4

Chapel or shrine with an altar and a few benches


Armory. Roll d4: 1 chain mail and martial weapons, 2 light armor and simple weapons, 3 ranged weapons, ammunition, ballistas, and bolts, 4 holy water and potions of healing (50 percent chance of a Minor Treasure)


A comfortable bedroom with beds, chests, and wardrobes for 1d4 + 2 occupants. On the walls are weapon racks, armor stands, and religious paintings (50 percent chance of a
Minor Treasure)


Sparsely furnished bedroom or cell for 1d4 occupants


Latrine or bath


A luxurious dining room with fine wine and silver plates


Ritual room containing a scrying pool


Morgue where corpses are ritually prepared for burial. Contains stone slabs, empty sarcophagi, and chests packed with burial shrouds


Crypt with an altar, religious statues, and a sarcophagus topped with a stone angel (50 percent chance of a Minor Treasure)


Guardroom containing weapon racks, a fireplace, and a small shrine


Kitchen with a baker’s oven and bread-baking ingredients


Kitchen where dead animals are being butchered and cooked


Pantry stocked with flour and beans and hung with herbs


Pantry stocked with fine wines, sweetmeats, and expensive spices


Library containing forbidden texts (50 percent chance of a Minor Treasure)


Study containing a fireplace, comfortable chairs, bookshelves, and a desk covered with sheafs of notes (50 percent chance of a Minor Treasure)


Store room containing paintings, statues, and furniture draped with dusty drop cloths (50 percent chance of a Minor Treasure)


Temple: Large Chamber Scenery



An audience chamber: rows of benches or pews face a dais


A richly decorated throne room: the doors are inlaid with gold, the ceiling is a magnificent religious painting, and the throne is carved to resemble the seat of a god


A dining hall: religious passages warning against gluttony are carved into the walls


A banquet hall with long tables, stacks of clay bowls, and a gruel-filled cauldron in a huge fireplace


Barracks or communal sleeping chamber


Dormitory containing bunk beds, chests of identical uniforms or vestments, and a small shrine


Temple with an altar or pulpit surrounded by benches


Temple containing statues of gods and divine servants. The altar is a stone slab


Temple with a balcony, an altar atop a dais, and braziers of incense (50 percent chance of a Minor Treasure)


Scriptorium containing desks, writing supplies, and shelves of scrolls (50 percent chance of a Minor Treasure)


Training room containing armor, shields, and stacks of prayer books. Against one wall are scorched training dummies


A giant pipe organ (50 percent chance one note doesn’t play; a Minor Treasure is hidden in one of the pipes)


Crypt containing sarcophagi (50 percent chance of a Minor Treasure)


A guardroom decorated with war banners and shields. Candles, decks of cards, and empty wine bottles litter several small tables


Kitchen where vast quantities of gruel or soup are being prepared


Library containing religious texts


Store room containing odds and ends of all sorts: religious vestments, barrels of foodstuffs, statues, a ballista (50 percent chance of a Minor Treasure)

18 Room where holy water is blessed. 2d6 full vials sit on an altar. Fonts, statues, and holy books fill the room

A magical prison with several cells. Each cell is filled with a permanent antimagic zone (DDG)

20 Library under the effects of a permanent silence spell. The doors to this room bear a sign that reads “Silence in the reading room!” (50 percent chance of a Minor Treasure)