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Major Image

-level (
Casting Time
Area Shape
tinderbox and small mirror
Concentration ( 10 minutes )

Until the spell ends, you create an image that appears completely real. The illusion includes sounds, smells, and temperature in addition to visual phenomena. None of the effects of the illusion are able to cause actual harm.

While within range you can use an action to move the illusion. As the image moves you may also change its appearance to make the movement seem natural (like a roc moving its wings to fly) and also change the nonvisual elements of the illusion for the same reason (like the sound of beating wings as the roc flies).

Any physical interaction immediately reveals the image is an illusion, as objects and creatures alike pass through it. An Investigation check against your spell save DC also reveals the image is an illusion. When a creature realizes the image is an illusion, the effects become fainter for that creature.