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Unseen Gateways

nd tier (
(less than 1 hour)

The great fiend Davek’dran seeks dominion here. Its access to the Waking is not yet complete, but has grown over long ages. Working through mindless thralls, however, means its efforts have often been imprecise. This accumulation of magic has left thin spots between the planes that wax and wane with the planar tides, and the unwary may find themselves crossing over without warning.

Calling Home. If an adventurer’s creature type is not humanoid or they are native to another plane of existence, they make the check at disadvantage .

Spell Solve. An adventurer under the effect of dispel evil or good, protection from evil and good , or similar magic automatically succeeds on their check.

Possible Solutions

A group check focused on bolstering the party’s connection to the Waking is needed. For example, a Religion check to recall a line of holy text about creation, a Performance check to remind them of home, or a Wisdom check to overcome the pull of the gateways.

Critical Failure. The party is transported to a layer of the abyss, one of the hells, or an elemental plane (determined by the Narrator). The transition is painful, almost as though the adventurers’ bodies and spirits moved at different speeds. Each adventurer suffers two levels of strife . After 1d6 hours they abruptly return, but find they have lost 4 (1d4 + 2) days of travel.

Failure. The party feels as though their flesh is being wrenched from their bones. For an instant they are somewhere else before they slam back into the Waking and their bodies. Each adventurer takes 11 (2d10) force damage, is knocked prone, and suffers a level of fatigue .

Success. Despite the occasional strange sensation, the party is untroubled by the gateways.

Critical Success. The planar tides have brought a strange and unexpected blessing. Roll on the Boons and Discoveries table.