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Naval Battle Aftermath

nd tier (
(3 hours)

Wreckage from a major battle drifts into your path. Hulks of ships, twisted masts and spars of wood drift on or just below the surface. Any of them could threaten to damage a ship’s hull, to say nothing of any weapons or wildlife that may lurk beneath the waters.

Choking Smoke. All creatures aboard must make a Constitution saving throw at the end of each hour or take 7 (2d6) poison damage. A creature that is immune to poison damage or does not need to breath automatically succeeds on this save. Casting gust of wind or similar magic makes the air safe to breathe for 1 hour.

Keep a Sharp Eye. When traveling through this area at faster than a slow pace, each adventurer and crewmember makes a Constitution saving throw at the end of each hour or suffers a level of fatigue from obsessively watching for hazards.

Spell Support. Use of control water or similar magic grants the party advantage on checks against this challenge.

Possible Solutions

A group water vehicles or Survival check is required to safely navigate the wreckage.

Critical Failure. The navigation goes horribly awry. Each adventurer loses 6 (3d4) Supply and both crew and adventurers suffer a level of fatigue . They also lose 3 (1d6) days of travel time spent doing repairs and tending wounds.

Failure. The navigation on the battlefield takes a great deal of time, but ultimately they are able to make it through with minimal damage. Each adventurer loses 4 (2d6) Supply , as well as 1 day of travel time spent on repairs.

Success. The adventurers find a way through the wreckage without taking extra time or any significant damage.

Critical Success. The adventurers find their way through the wreckage, and are able to spot some treasure that has been left behind. Roll on the Treasures and Boons table.

Leave it Be

Bypassing the wreckage is possible but takes a great deal of time—safely traveling around it costs an extra 3 (1d6) days of travel time.