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Make Them Laugh

(6 points)
5th degree Comedic Jabs Action

With unmatched enthusiasm you undertake a fantastic bit of comedic gymnastics—flipping off of walls, slipping into cartwheels, landing in splits, and otherwise making a grand fool of yourself to the absolute delight of those able to see your exhausting display.

Make a nonmusical Performance check, gaining a number of rapt onlookers equal to half the result (at the Narrator’s discretion, the amount of potential onlookers may be limited by your location). At the end of your routine, roll 1d20 and add 1 per rapt onlooker. On a result of 20 or higher, you gain inspiration. If you do not roll a natural 20 on either roll, you suffer a level of fatigue . Rapt onlookers (including those who are enemies) have disadvantage on Perception and Insight checks until the start of your next turn.