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Cosmopolitan Gear

Accustomed to large, diverse communities, cosmopolitans have developed an array of specialized tools to deal with the unique challenges and nuisances of living in a denselypopulated community.

Table: Cosmopolitan Equipment




Mending Kit 12 sp. -
Money Belt 15 gp. 1 lb.
Phrasebook 30 gp, 1 lb.


Mending Kit. This small folding case contains needle and thread, various buttons, small scraps of different colored cloth and other small items useful for repairing garments. You can use it to quickly fix clothing that has suffered minor damage or wear and tear. Minor damage requires 5 minutes to fix, and a pant leg or sleeve that’s torn off at the seam can be reattached in an hour. You can also use it to make items or repairs that require a full sewing kit, but you must take twice the time and suffer disadvantage on crafting rolls if you do.

Money Belt. This pocketed wrap goes underneath your clothing and can hold up to 50 coins or up to 1 lb of miscellaneous small items such as spell scrolls, documents, thieves tools, or the like. Accessing or adding anything to the money belt requires 1 minute and possibly some partial disrobing, but unless you are unconscious or otherwise incapacitated , anything in there is safe from attempts to pickpocket you with Sleight of Hand. Perception checks to notice a money belt are made at disadvantage .

Phrasebook. A phrasebook is an extremely basic primer to a specific language, and allows slow, imprecise conversation in that language if you are not proficient with it. Each one has two languages listed: a native language and a translated language. You must be proficient in the native language to use the phrasebook. Because the language is so basic, even extremely simple conversations using the phrasebook take at least a minute and usually considerably longer. Deception, Intimidation, or Persuasion checks relying on the use of the phrasebook suffer disadvantage or may not even be possible at the Narrator’s discretion.

Phrasebooks are useless in the translation of magical texts, engineering documents, and other texts with specialized jargon; their verbiage is centered around everyday communication, such as greetings, requests for directions, and commerce.