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Eladrin Gear

Those from the eladrin culture have a stronger connection to the fey than other societies, and this is reflected in their unique equipment, which tends to skirt the line between magical and mundane.

Table: Eladrin Equipment




Eladrin Dueling Blade 500 gp. 3 lbs.
Fey Tobacco (one use) 25 gp. -
Ladder Seed 8 sp. -


Eladrin Dueling Blade. These fearsome, thin, slightly-curved swords are always considered masterwork and always made of mithral, as its properties are necessary for the blade’s unique structure to function. An eladrin dueling blade has base damage of 1d8, and has the defensive (any), finesse, parrying, and versatile (1d10) properties. It counts as a longsword, rapier, bastard sword, and saber for any feats, class features, or similar mechanics that reference those weapons. An eladrin dueling blade is a martial weapon for anyone of the eladrin culture, but otherwise is considered a rare weapon.






Eladrin Dueling Blade 1d8 slashing 500 gp. 3 lbs. Defensive (any), finesse, parrying, versatile (1d10)

Fey Tobacco. A common smoking herb of the eladrin, fey tobacco is not notably different from normal tobacco in terms of its effects on the person smoking it, but the smoke itself has the curious property of clinging to invisible creatures, making them easier to locate. When smoking fey tobacco (which takes 1 minute to pack into a pipe and an action to light), you gain an expertise die on attempts to locate invisible creatures within 10 feet of you. A single use lasts for 10 minutes of smoking.

Ladder Seeds. These small, unassuming seeds, when planted in soft earth and watered with just a few drops of water, will grow into a stout vine with regularly-spaced branches over the course of a minute. The vine functions as a 10-foot ladder and can support up to 500 pounds. The vine must be planted adjacent to the obstacle that will be scaled; if it is uprooted, it crumbles instantly. The ladder has an AC of 10 and 5 hit points. After an hour, the vine withers away and crumbles to dust.