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Feats for Citified Heroes

From the most sprawling metropolises to brisk market towns, each urban settlement is a living thing. Every city has its own rhythm, a heartbeat that drives the thousands of lives, and with each rhythm comes unique peculiarities that adventurers need to deal with. Far from the remote, sometimes solitary life of the wilds, in the cities there are countless lives that can get in the way, both socially and physically, including the local watch trying to keep the peace—whatever that means for the city in question. Cities are also sources of intrigue, with well-hidden intentions and even more well-hidden knives. It takes a special kind of adventurer to navigate these complications, threats, and opportunities, and the following feats are meant for just such characters.

As always, players should make sure to consult the Narrator before deciding on a feat, as being skilled at crowds and influencing local politics will not be of much use in a campaign that focuses on exploring the wilderness.

Alley Adventurer

You’ve had your fair share of rough and tumble experiences in back alleys, sewers, and other urban environs.

City Survivor

You’re used to eking out a living in urban environments, finding ways to scrounge and scavenge everything you need to survive.

Face in the Crowd

You have a knack for blending into a crowd.

Familiar to the Watch

Whether you’re a former member of the constabulary or you’ve just had your share of run-ins with the city guards, you’ve developed a familiarity with how law enforcement tends to work.

Hidden Armorer

You become particularly adept at altering weapons to better hide them on your person and at sneaking them past most guards.

Neighborhood Figure

You have the look of someone even strangers can bring their troubles and gossip to.

Pillar of the Community

You’ve gone above and beyond for the community and everyone knows that you’re the person to go to for favors, advice, or getting something handled.


You seek a life in politics, or at least you’re pretending to be interested in it.

Office Holder

Whether elected or appointed, you’ve managed to secure a position of some political power within the city.

Second Story Worker

You’ve spent time as a specific kind of criminal: the sort that climbs drainpipes and grabs things from open windows.


You’re good at learning things in cities.

Tavern Fly

More than once has the joke been made about you that you hold up the bar as much as it holds up you, and it has become a badge you wear with pride.


On your adventures you’ve met more people than you can count, and have become familiar with many other cultures.