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Stoic Orc Gear

Stoic landings are a refuge for the distressed and traumatized but also for the mystical and wise (though this can be a distinction without a difference in many cases). Their unique equipment tends to support this mix of mysticism and calm.

Table: Stoic Orc Gear




Meditative incense (1 stick) 75 gp -
Scholar's slate 8 sp 2 lbs.
Suppresive herbs (1 dose) 7 sp -
Theurgic focus +20 gp varies

Meditative Incense. Lighting a stick of meditative incense takes an action and it continues to smoke for up to an hour, covering a 5-foot space in fragrant smoke. While in the smoke, you are lightly obscured and have disadvantage on Perception checks, but gain a 1d6 expertise die on Concentration checks to maintain spells you have cast. The smoke can be dissipated and the stick extinguished by a wind of moderate or greater speed. The stick is segmented into 6 pieces, at least one of which is used each time it is lit. Meditative incense is usually very difficult to come by outside the stoic landings, which may further increase the price.

Scholar’s Slate. Popular among scholars who have been to the stoic landings, these small slate panels in sturdy reinforced frames and some ordinary chalk are mostly used for short-term notetaking and quick sketching of ritual symbols. The more artistic among the residents of the landings sometimes use them as a short-term artistic medium with multiple colors of chalk.

Suppressive Herbs. These bitter but calming herbs must be chewed for a minute to take effect. Afterwards, they suppress the effects of a single short-term mental stress effect for 2 hours.

Theurgic Focus. These specialized spellcasting foci can function as a focus for two types of magic. They can come in any form that a normal spellcasting foci would, but are combinations of two different forms, such as a piece of sacred wood carved with the emblem of a deity or a grimoire bound with the hide of a sacred animal. The price of the most expensive focus component is increased by 20 gold due to the unique nature of this item. Very rare theurgic foci may inable the bearer to use it for three kinds of magic, but this increases the price by 75 gold.