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Tyrannized Gear

Those living under oppressive rulers often must acquire a modicum of what people living in less dire circumstances would consider covert skills just to survive. Their possessions often reflect this unfortunate reality.

Table: Tyrannized Gear




Scourge 7 gp 3 lbs
Liar's lozenge 5 gp =
Smuggler's Wagon 50 gp 1,400 lbs
Weaponized Tool varies varies

Liar’s Lozenge. These candies contain some herbs that lower the signs of nervousness in those that consume them. After you eat it you gain an expertise die on Deception checks for 1 hour. They are typically flavored in ways the oppressors don’t favor and thereby passed off as “inferior local fare.”

Scourge. An implement of cruelty more than a true weapon, a scourge is a multi-headed, short whip tipped with shards of jagged metal, glass, or bone. A scourge deals 1d4 points of slashing damage, and on a hit, the target must make a DC 10 Constitution saving throw or suffer 1 point of ongoing slashing damage due to a bleeding wound. This damage can stack with successive hits up to the wielder’s proficiency bonus. A scourge is a martial weapon for anyone of a tyrannized culture, but otherwise is considered a rare weapon.






Scourge 1d4 Slashing 7 gp 3 lbs. Finesse, parrying immunity, special

Smuggler’s Wagon. This ordinary-looking wagon has a concealed chamber large enough for a medium-sized creature to fit inside. If the wagon is empty, Perception and Investigation checks to locate the chamber in a normal search or inspection are made with disadvantage . If the wagon is fully loaded, there’s no chance to locate it at all unless it is emptied. Outfitting an existing wagon in this way costs 15 gold and adds an additional 100 lbs to its weight.





Hit Points






Smuggler's wagon Huge 1,400 lbs 12 80 Drawn 1 50 gp 80 Drawn

Weaponized Tool. This item is an ordinary tool that has been sharpened, reinforced, or rebalanced to function as a weapon. It can function as a dagger or mace (as appropriate to the original tool) for a character proficient in that weapon and does not count as an improvised weapon for the purposes of proficiency, but will also not be identified as a weapon unless inspected closely. It also functions as a tool of its type. Purchasing such a tool costs 50% more than the cost of the weapon it functions as.