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Detect Thoughts

Casting Time
copper piece
Concentration ( 1 minute )
Saving Throw
Wisdom (special)

Range: Special (30-foot radius)

On the round you cast it, and as an action on subsequent turns until the spell ends, you can probe a creature’s mind to read its thoughts by focusing on one creature you can see within range. The creature makes a Wisdom saving throw . Creatures with an Intelligence score of 3 or less or that don’t speak any languages are unaffected. On a failed save, you learn the creature’s surface thoughts—what is most on its mind in that moment. On a successful save, you fail to read the creature’s thoughts and can’t attempt to probe its mind for the duration. Conversation naturally shapes the course of a creature’s thoughts and what it is thinking about may change based on questions verbally directed at it.

Once you have read a creature’s surface thoughts, you can use an action to probe deeper into its mind. The creature makes a second Wisdom saving throw . On a successful save, you fail to read the creature’s deeper thoughts and the spell ends. On a failure, you gain insight into the creature’s motivations, emotional state, and something that looms large in its mind. The creature then becomes aware you are probing its mind and can use an action to make an Intelligence check contested by your Intelligence check, ending the spell if it succeeds.

Additionally, you can use an action to scan for thinking creatures within range that you can’t see. Once you detect the presence of a thinking creature, so long as it remains within range you can attempt to read its thoughts as described above (even if you can’t see it).

The spell penetrates most barriers but is blocked by 2 feet of stone, 2 inches of common metal, or a thin sheet of lead.


Cast at Higher Levels

When using a 5th-level spell slot, increase the spell’s range to 1 mile. When using a 7th-level spell slot, increase the range to 10 miles. When using a 9th-level spell slot, increase the range to 1,000 miles.

Rare Versions

Diogenes’ Specific Detect Thoughts. You can scan the thoughts of all creatures within range and locate one creature currently thinking about a single subject you choose when you cast the spell. You can read its thoughts as described in the spell’s description. This spell does not reveal the creature having these thoughts, and until you determine which creature it is you cannot shape the course of its thoughts so the information you receive may be limited.