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Sucking Bog

st tier (
(less than 1 hour)

Mist hangs heavy in the air filled with the stench of rotting vegetation. Underfoot the soft peat shifts with a squelch and with each step the ground seems less willing to release a traveler’s boots. Fetid pools block the way, requiring exhausting detours and backtracking.

Arduous Trek. When traveling through this area at faster than a slow pace, at the end of every hour each adventurer and mount makes a Constitution saving throw or suffers a level of fatigue .

Grasping Mire. When a creature is knocked prone , it makes a Dexterity saving throw or sinks into the mud and becomes restrained . A successful Strength (Athletics) check is required to fight their way free.

Limited Visibility. The maximum range of any sight-based senses is 10 feet. In addition, Perception checks are made with disadvantage , and all passive scores (including passive Perception) are reduced by 5.

Persistent Pests. Creatures that sleep in the same hex as the sucking bog without lavender paste or mosquito netting only regain half the usual number of hit dice and cannot reduce their levels of strife or fatigue .

Possible Solutions
  • Navigating the sucking bog requires a group Athletics or Survival check.

Potential Outcomes

Critical Failure. The party becomes hopelessly turned around, losing 8 (1d5+3) hours of travel time. They each lose 4 (2d4) Supply and gain a level of fatigue .

Failure. Each adventurer that fails becomes stuck in the bog and loses 2 (1d4) Supply. Additionally, the stench of the bog clings to them, giving disadvantage on Stealth and Persuasion checks until they can properly clean themselves.

Success. The adventurers make it through, filthy but unharmed.

Critical Success. The adventurers cross safely and swiftly, discovering something of interest at an abandoned campsite along the way. Roll on the Boons and Discoveries table.