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Soporific Spores

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(3 hours)

Fungi throughout the cavern spray spores into the air, reflecting the light of the ondari off thousands of drifting particles. Some of these are harmless, some cause irritation, but by far the most dangerous are the spores of the eltare, a yellow slime mold scattered throughout the cavern like dandelions in a pasture. Its spores not only cause drowsiness a traveler may never wake from, but if unchecked may destroy their minds and gruesomely reanimate their body.

Breathless. Creatures that do not need to breathe automatically succeed.

Face Wraps. Placing dampened cloth over the nose and mouth provides advantage on checks made to resist the spore’s effects.

Recognise Danger. Adventurers failing a Nature or Survival check miss the danger these spores represent and have disadvantage on checks made to resist the spore’s effects.

Spell Solve. Spells able to create an ongoing wind, such as gust of wind can provide travelers with protection and an automatic success for their duration within their area of effect.

Possible Solutions

The spores are so prevalent in the cavern that each adventurer makes a Constitution saving throw to resist the effects.

Critical Failure. Any adventurers who failed become confused and drowsy, eventually lying down in a clump of eltare, remaining unconscious until they take damage or a creature uses an action to shake or slap them awake. In addition, they contract eltare’s malaise.

Failure. Any adventurers who failed escape the worst effects of the eltare spores, but suffer furiously itchy red spots on any exposed skin. This itch is a constant distraction, resulting in disadvantage on Perception checks for the next 24 hours.

Success. The spores have no effect and the adventurers are able to move through the cavern safely.

Critical Success. The adventurers are unaffected and discover something of value on the corpse of someone less fortunate. Roll on the Boons and Discoveries table.