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Coral Reef

nd tier (
(1 hour)

There’s a sudden grinding sound that reverberates through the body of the ship. It shudders and groans, but the hull holds. The party has sailed into an area of unmapped coral and rocks not far below the surface, one that will take time to make their way through.

Teeming Waters. The reef is full of flourishing sea life. If the adventurers have the equipment to fish, they can undertake the Hunt and Gather journey activity over the course of 1 hour instead of the usual day, gaining Supply as usual. A creature can only benefit from this bounty 3 times in 24 hours.

A party that chooses to delay navigating this challenge risks their ship taking further damage as choppy water slams it against the coral. For each hour the party spends not navigating the challenge, roll 1d4. On a 1, the ship takes collision damage (see Vehicles in Chapter 7: Adventuring in Adventurer’s Guide). If the ship is reduced to half its total hit points or less, it triggers a critical failure instead of a vehicle malfunction.

Possible Solutions

A group check is necessary to safely navigate the coral. Each adventurer can choose whether to make a Perception, Survival, or water vehicles check for this challenge.

Being able to speak with animals or a similar ability allows a group Persuasion check to seek help from an aquatic creature, leading them on a relatively safe path.

Critical Failure. The ship takes serious hull damage from the coral, sending the crew scrambling to enact make-shift repairs. The ship’s crew, including the adventurers, suffer a level of fatigue , and each adventurer also loses 7 (2d4 + 2) Supply to water damage.

Failure. Though it has seen far better days, the ship is still sailing thanks to the quick work of the crew. Each adventurer loses 6 (2d4 + 1) Supply in the scramble.

Success. The ship makes its way through the unmapped area without more than scrapes and cosmetic damage to the ship.

Critical Success. Making the way through is easier than the adventurers would’ve ever expected. If they have nets or fishing equipment, the party can gather 1d6 Supply without a roll.