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Eldritch Gunslinger


While all Warlocks make pacts to their patrons for power, not all of them wield the power they’ve been granted in the same way. Eldritch gunslingers are defined more by how they wield their power than by the properties of the being they’ve bound themselves to, meaning that an eldritch gunslinger who serves a fiend may have more in common with one that is bound to a horror beyond the stars than they do with other servants of their own patron.

1st LevelAlternative Pact

When choosing this archetype, you may strike a deal with any kind of being capable of becoming your patron. In addition, if you choose Pact of the Blade at 3rd level, your revolver is considered your pact weapon with the following alterations:

You can’t transform any other weapon into your pact weapon. However, you may perform a 1 hour ritual using a magic weapon or rare weapon as a ritual component to impart certain qualities to your pact weapon, destroying the component weapon in the process. If the component weapon had a bonus to attack or damage rolls, or if it dealt bonus damage, you now apply those bonuses to your revolver. You can also apply these to your Eldritch Ray; it has no effect on Eldritch Disturbance or Eldritch Whip.

If you perform the ritual a second time with a different weapon, your revolver loses any bonuses it gained from the previous weapon and instead gains those of the new weapon. You cannot break your bond to your revolver. If you die, the revolver disappears and is immediately returned to you if you are later brought back to life.

Arcane Sights

When you take this archetype at 1st level, your patron grants you an arcane revolver (see Rare Ranged Weapons). It acts as a normal weapon of its kind in regards to range and damage, except where specified here. Its appearance varies depending on the sort of patron you chose. A fiend may grant a gun of pitted black metal and bone accents, while a Great Old One may provide one that feels damp and yielding to the touch.

When making a ranged weapon attack with this revolver, you can choose to use your spellcasting ability for attack and damage rolls. You are always considered to be proficient with the revolver and can use it as a spellcasting focus for your warlock spells.

Additionally, at 5th level, when you make a ranged weapon attack with your arcane revolver you may attack twice instead of once.

All other creatures suffer disadvantage when making attacks with your arcane revolver. If it is lost or destroyed, you may recreate it during a short or long rest . Doing so requires an hour-long ritual, but requires neither materials nor tools.

6th LevelEldritch Armaments

At 6th level your increasing power allows you to invest your patron’s power in strange new ways. Choose one of the following:

Arcane Ammunition

As a bonus action, you can spend a number of spell points up to a maximum equal to your proficiency modifier to conjure an equal number of bullets made of magic into the chambers of your revolver. Damage inflicted by these bullets is considered magical piercing damage for the purpose of overcoming damage resistances and immunities . This does not increase the amount of bullets your arcane revolver can hold at one time. Bullets conjured in this way disappear if they are removed from the revolver or when you take a long or short rest.

Elemental Shot

When you reduce a creature to 0 hit points, or when a creature under a spell effect you control is reduced to 0 hit points, you can repurpose this additional energy and choose acid, cold, fire, lightning, necrotic, poison, psychic, radiant, or thunder damage. For one minute, bullets fired by your arcane pistol deal your choice of piercing damage or the chosen damage type. This damage is considered magical for the purpose of overcoming damage resistances and immunities .

10th LevelInscribed Ammunition

At 10th level, you have delved especially deep into the esoteric weaknesses of many monstrous entities. Choose two creature types from the following: aberration, celestial, fey, fiend, monstrosity, and undead. Over the course of a short or long rest you may prepare a number of bullets equal to your proficiency bonus that are particularly deadly to the chosen creature types by carving arcane symbols into their surfaces and imbuing them with your patron’s power. This confers the following benefits:

Inscribed ammunition is eager to get at its target, and so loading any number of these bullets into your arcane revolver only requires a bonus action (removing previously loaded ammunition cannot be done as part of this bonus action). Additionally, an attack made with inscribed ammunition against its target creature type deals additional damage equal to your warlock level and is a critical hit on a roll of 19–20.

You must choose what creature type each bullet affects when you inscribe it. Bullets imbued in this way are only effective when fired from your arcane revolver; otherwise, they function as mundane ammunition. You can only ever have a maximum number of these bullets equal to your proficiency modifier, though you may change what creature type existing inscribed ammunition affects over the course of a short or long rest.

14th LevelEldritch Aim

At 14th level, as a bonus action, you may call upon your patron to give you implausible accuracy, if only for an instant. The next time you hit a creature with an attack from your arcane revolver or Eldritch Ray, the attack is considered a critical hit. If an effect forces you to reroll this attack, you may do so with advantage . Once you have used this feature three times, you can’t do so again until you finish a long rest .