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Find Steed

Casting Time

You summon a spirit that takes the form of a loyal mount, creating a lasting bond with it. You decide on the steed’s appearance, and choose whether it uses the statistics of an elk , giant lizard , panther , warhorse , or wolf (the Narrator may offer additional options.) Its statistics change in the following ways:

  • Its type is your choice of celestial, fey, or fiend.
  • Its size is your choice of Medium or Large.
  • Its Intelligence is 6.
  • You can communicate with it telepathically while it’s within 1 mile.
  • It understands one language that you speak.

While mounted on your steed, when you cast a spell that targets only yourself, you may also target the steed.

When you use an action to dismiss the steed, or when it drops to 0 hit points, it temporarily disappears. Casting this spell again resummons the steed, fully healed and with all conditions removed. You can’t summon a different steed unless you spend an action to release your current steed from its bond, permanently dismissing it.

Cast at Higher Levels

The steed has an additional 20 hit points for each slot level above 2nd. When using a spell slot of 4th-level or higher, you may grant the steed either a swim speed or fly speed equal to its base Speed.