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-level (
Casting Time
replica of yourself made from materials worth 5 gold
Concentration ( 24 hours )

Range: Special (500 miles)

You create an illusory duplicate of yourself that looks and sounds like you but is intangible. The duplicate can appear anywhere within range as long as you have seen the space before (it ignores any obstacles in the way).

You can use an action to move this duplicate up to twice your Speed and make it speak and behave in whatever way you choose, mimicking your mannerism with perfect accuracy. You can use a bonus action to see through your duplicate’s eyes and hear through its ears until the beginning of your next turn. During this time, you are blind and deaf to your body’s surroundings. 

A creature can use an action to attempt an Investigation check against your spell save DC to reveal the spell’s illusory nature. Physical interactions reveal the illusion for what it is as things can pass through it with ease. A creature aware of the illusion perceives the image as transparent and the sounds it generates hollow.