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Reckless March

Casting Time
You and up to three willing creatures
a miniature wooden horse
Concentration ( 8 hours )

You suppress exhaustion in your traveling companions. Choose any number of creatures within range when you finish casting this spell. For the duration, they do not roll Constitution saving throws for a forced march.

When this spell ends, the target creatures must roll a single Constitution saving throw against a difficulty of 10 + the number of hours of forced march undertaken during the spell. On a failure, they suffer levels of fatigue equal to half the number of hours of the forced march (minimum 1).

Cast at Higher Levels

You target an additional creature for each slot level above 2nd.

Rare Versions

Ramdal’s Prepared Reckless March. If you cast this spell with a slot of 4th level or higher, all targets have advantage on the Constitution saving throw when the spell ends. If the creature already has advantage on this check from another source, it instead gains an expertise die to the Constitution saving throw.