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Instant Window

Casting Time
A solid surface (see below)
a small chisel and a piece of glass
Concentration ( 1 minute )

You create a window roughly 4 inches square, centered on the point that you touch. If the surface is more than 1 foot thick or made of materials other than wood, dirt, or stone, the spell fails. The window is sufficiently braced to prevent any structural weakening to the surrounding structure, but otherwise is just a small hole you can look through. The hole lasts for 1 minute, then vanishes. The hole can also be dismissed by the caster as a bonus action. Creatures in this space when the window vanishes are immediately shunted to the nearest unoccupied space and take 1d6 force damage for every square moved.

Cast at Higher Levels

Cast at Higher Levels: For each slot level beyond 2nd, you can choose one of the following features:

  • Glass pane: the window comes with a pane of glass (AC 5, 2 hit points), which functions as a normal window pane, keeping rain, outside air, etc. out and inside air in.
  • Small-sized: the window is of sufficient diameter for a Small-sized creature to squeeze through as an action.
  • Medium-sized (counts as two features):the window is of sufficient diameter for a Medium creature to squeeze through as an action. Small creatures can pass through as part of their normal movement.
  • Barred: the window has heavy iron bars (AC 19, 50 hit points) covering it, granting three-quarters cover .
  • Increased duration: the window lasts for an additional minute. This feature can be chosen multiple times, increasing the duration by 1 minute each time.