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Submitted by Morrus on Mon, 05/08/2023 - 11:52

Gate Pass Gazette Issue #10 Added

We have added the content from Gate Pass Gazette Issue #10 (from December 2022). This issue contains four new extraordinary archetypes whose inspiration you might recognize, several useful new utility spells which make life a little easier, a selection of new city-based feats, and four new character destinies based on elemental forces. Don't forget that every month you can get the latest Gate Pass Gazette over on our official Patreon! Each issue comes packed with new official Level Up content!

Decidedly Urban Living: Feats for Citified Heroes
From the most sprawling metropolises to brisk market towns, each urban settlement is a living thing. Every city has its own rhythm, its own unique peculiarities. It takes a special kind of adventurer to navigate these complications, threats, and opportunities, and the following feats are meant for just such characters.

Practical Magic: Useful Utility Spells
A lot of spells are created with the adventuring life in mind, but there also exist those that make life much easier for ordinary people with a bit of magic at their disposal. Adventurers that take the time to learn this “humble” magic may just discover that even spells not specifically created with adventuring in mind can be very useful indeed.

Primeval Destinies
Not all that sparks an adventurer is as logical and as petty as the concerns of mortals. Some are driven by the very heartbeats of creation and its aspects. From the brilliant roar of fire’s passion to the quiet, unfeeling solitude of ice; from the purifying truth of light, to the mysterious concealment of darkness, primeval destinies manifest in strange and eventful lives.

Extraordinary Archetypes
There are plenty of warriors forged into champions in training halls and many mages that excel by studiously researching arcana, but ultimately some can only realize their true selves by practicing unique disciplines and techniques they were destined to embody, forging their astonishing powers in the fires of conflict. Once these uncanny adventurers embrace their destined paths, there’s little they cannot accomplish, and history is filled with their legendary exploits.