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Philosophers contemplate life’s great mysteries with fervor, forging their minds and souls through relentless pursuit of the truth. As nothing less than the ultimate questions concern these savants, so too do they become uniquely prepared to face their ultimate ends.

1st LevelBonus Proficiencies

When you choose this archetype at 1st level, you gain proficiency with Religion, one language, and one of the following: light armor, Arcana, Culture, Deception, History, Insight, Nature, or Persuasion.

1st LevelAcademic Exemplar

At 1st, 11th, and 19th level, you gain an expertise die in Religion. For you, expertise dice in Religion can be upgraded from d8 to d12, exceeding the usual limit on expertise dice. You also gain two additional specialties in Religion and an additional Religion specialty at 5th, 9th, 13th, and 17th level. You can always choose to use Intelligence on Religion checks.

2nd LevelKnow Thyself

At 2nd level, you have reflected deeply on the significance and purpose of your life. You can use the inspiration feature from your destiny once without spending inspiration. You regain this ability after completing a short or long rest .

In addition, whenever you gain inspiration, you also gain 1 point of favor as per the Religious Devotion downtime activity. Points of favor gained this way must be spent in a way that aligns with your destiny. Acting in a manner contrary to your destiny during an adventure results in the loss of all such points of favor.

2nd LevelWise Words

Also at 2nd level, you have distilled many of your reflections into memorable proverbs and mantras. As an action, choose a creature that can hear and understand you (which can be yourself) to offer your reflections. That creature may choose to concentrate on your advice as though they were concentrating on a spell. Choose an ability score. So long as that creature concentrates on your words, they gain an expertise die on your choice of ability checks , attack rolls , or saving throws using the chosen ability score.

6th LevelShanti

At 6th level, your philosophical disposition braces you against the slings and arrows of life. you gain resistance to psychic damage, and you gain an expertise die on Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma saving throws. In addition, once per long rest when you would suffer a level of strife , you can choose not to.

11th LevelDisciples

At 11th level, others begin to feel radically compelled by your philosophical insights, even after only a brief encounter. When you are in a settlement, you can spend 1 hour to recruit one seasoned follower or two inexperienced followers of your choice as your disciples. At the Narrator’s discretion, you may not be able to recruit certain kinds of followers in certain regions.

Disciples do not count against the maximum number of followers you can have, but you cannot recruit new disciples unless your current ones are dismissed, perish, or become followers as normal. You may convert your disciples into followers either by paying the usual price for them or through another feature or event that grants followers. You can replace one of the two inexperienced disciples individually. Disciples can’t gain experience unless they become followers.

14th LevelFont of Wisdom

At 14th level, you reach new heights of preternatural awareness. You can cast divination and commune as rituals with no components. There is not a limit to how many times you can cast these spells, but you are still limited by the chances of getting a random reading or getting no answer. Additionally, you can cast contact other plane once per long rest .

17th LevelMemento Mori

At 17th level, you have come to terms with the nature of life and death. You only die after failing 4 death saving throws instead of 3. If you already have a feature that allows this, you do not gain a 5th save.

In addition, you can replace the d20 result of any ability check , attack roll , or saving throw (except for death saving throws) you make with a 20 by willingly failing a death saving throw. Death saving throws failed in this way persist until the end of your next long rest . If you have failed all of your death saving throws in this manner, you die if you are reduced to 0 hit points.