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Casting Time
A number of 5-foot squares within range
a miniature broom

When you cast this spell, select a 10-foot square section within range. If it is a hard, treated, or manufactured surface (such as wood, fabric, leather, stone, glass, or metal) it becomes spotlessly clean. Any foreign substances on the surface of the square that you specify such as dirt, blood, toxic chemicals, paint, ink, and so on vanish harmlessly, leaving the surface clean and sanitary. This cleaning makes it impossible to track a creature through the affected areas via mundane means, but the utter cleanliness may itself be suspicious. The spell has no effect on non-solid surfaces such as dirt, sand, or mud.

Cast at Higher Levels

Cast at Higher Levels: You may select an additional 5-foot square for each slot level above 1st. Each square must touch another square along one side and all squares must be within range.

This spell may be cast as a ritual