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Laundry Day

Casting Time
A pile of laundry within range
a lump of soap and a needle

When you cast this spell, choose a pile of laundry that you can see within range, weighing up to 25 pounds and occupying a single 5-foot square, to clean and repair. Threadbare or worn laundry is restored to as new condition, and even extremely damaged laundry (bloodstained, cut to tatters in a combat, etc.) is restored. As long as at least half the material that comprises an article of laundry is present, it can be restored by this spell. This spell leaves no trace that the object was damaged.

This spell affects anything made of cloth, so even rugs, small sails, and tapestries may be restored. Magic items and constructs may be repaired in this way, but their magic is not restored. You gain an expertise die on maintenance checks if you are able to cast this spell on the item you are treating.

Cast at Higher Levels

Cast at Higher Levels. For each spell slot level above 2nd, this spell can affect an additional 25 pounds of laundry occupying up to one additional 5-foot square.

This spell may be cast as a ritual